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Coaching Training 
Achieve your fitness, running
and racing goals!

We can help you....

  • Start a running regimen

  • Improve your running performance

  • Get ready for a 5K race

  • Run your first half marathon

  • Run your first marathon

  • Qualify for Boston

  • Run an ultramarathon

  • Overcome physical and mental barriers keeping you from performing at your



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Every runner has the potential to achieve what seems impossible. Elevate Running will help you to achieve your running and racing goals through dedicated coaching, training and mentoring. Here's how...

Elevate Running Training Packages

Training Packages Detail

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Just The Basics Please!
$68 per month

A. Basic Training

  • Running Prerequisites

  • Consistency

  • Mileage

  • Strength

  • Speed

B. Learn to Set SMART Running Goals

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Achievable

  • Relevant

  • Time-bound   


Tired of Busy Roads?
Trail Running 101!

$68 per month

Trail Running Basics

  • Choosing Gear

  • Running Techniques

  • Pacing

  • Safety

  • Basic First Aid

  • Navigation

Training Packages Detail

Image by Michael Carruth


It's Supposed to Hurt!
$85 per month

A. How to train for your first

  • Half Marathon

  • Full Marathon

  • Ultra Marathon

B. Learn what your body needs to keep running

  • Hydration

  • Fueling

  • Electrolytes

C. How to run through or avoid

  •  “Hitting the wall” in a marathon

  • “Bonking” in an ultra


So, You Want to Qualify for Boston!
$99 per month

  • Base-line prerequisites

  • Evaluation of your race performance(s)

  • Training required

  • Strategy

  • Execution

  • Post race review

  • Next steps

Blue Skies

Your Coach

 Patrick Sandefur

I live in the Mid Coast Maine region.


  • 41 years of running

  • Completed 24 marathons including 8 Boston Marathons

  • Completed 7 ultramarathons

  • Overall 4th place finish in Pine Creek Challenge 100K

  • Overall 6th place finish in Beast of Burden 50 mile

  • Well versed in running and racing techniques

  • I love to teach and help people achieve their goals!

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