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Customer Service Experience Action Plan and KPI Dashboard Creation


Creating an action plan and a "metrics that matter" dashboard is the fourth step toward improving the customer service experience while maximizing service revenue & profit potential. Working with your team, Bass Harbor Group will facilitate this.


This key process step happens after Bass Harbor Group and Team has:


1) Collected, analyzed, categorized and summarized valuable information from your customers through our NPS, CSAT and VoC surveys


2) Conducted Customer Journey Mapping sessions (value stream mapping) with your team


3) Evaluated and optimized your customer service processes and documents.

Creating an action plan is key to successfully implementing all the positive customer  experience improvements identified in your Customer Journey Mapping sessions. An action plan will also help you stay on-track with the process and documentation changes that your organization will need to put in place in order to fully implement your customer experience improvements.

Establishing "metrics that matter", and specifically Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), is an important step to ensuring that you have the ability to monitor how your team is doing and how well the new improvements are working. KPIs should be those metrics that have the most significant impact on your business from a customer satisfaction, revenue, and profitability standpoint.

Effective execution of your action plan is not only critical for your customer service team achieving their goals and objectives, but also for achieving your company’s goals and objectives. Bass Harbor Group can help you with this by monitoring and adjusting your action plan for continuous improvement.

The next step to creating an action plan and metrics that matter dashboard is to contact Bass Harbor Group for a free consultation.

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