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Service Sales Channel Optimization
for Maximum Revenue Generation

To maximize service revenue, all of your sales channels need to be engaged, incentivized, aligned and organized.


Outside sales, inside sales, field service technicians, customer service, manufacturing representatives, distributors, value-added resellers, third party sellers and agents can all be effective service revenue generators.


It is critical to align your service sales channels so they are working together, fulfilling the customer service and company mission, goals, objectives and strategies. Assigning each team to the part of the sales pipeline that adds the most value to your customer experience is the key to success. Each service sales channel needs to be fully trained in the features and benefits of the products and services, as well as sales hard and soft skills.

Bass Harbor Group has extensive experience in aligning, optimizing and training service sales channels to maximize incremental revenue and profit.

The next step to assessing, optimizing and providing training guidelines for your service sales team is to contact Bass Harbor Group for a free consultation.


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