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What is the best way to gauge how your customers feel about your company? Ask them! Customer surveys are an invaluable tool for organizations to measure satisfaction, loyalty, and areas of opportunity. Better yet, it provides customers with a direct line of communication to your company that shows their feedback is essential.

The Importance of Customer Surveys
Customer needs and preferences are constantly changing. Never assume you know what your customers think about your company, products, or services and what is important to them.

The ability to make data-driven decisions is one of the most important capabilities of any successful organization. This starts with conducting customer surveys to guide customer service, sales and marketing strategies. Without this insight, businesses are more likely to make ineffective changes while wasting time, money, and resources. 

Remember! Happy and loyal customers are those who have been heard and perceive your company as a valuable partner in their success.

Our Approach to Customer Surveys
Bass Harbor Group provides both quantitative and qualitative Voice of Customer (VoC) services. Our customer survey team works with clients to understand their project objectives and needs to ensure that we recommend the best approach from the start.

With every VoC market research study, we utilize best-in-class metrics such as:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

  • Customer Effort Score (CES)

These metrics provide organizations with the insight needed to understand their customer’s perspectives and where they can improve. Additionally, our team can benchmark results against competitors, industry standards, and best-practice brands with this information in-hand.

Contact Our Customer Satisfaction Survey Team
Ready to take the next step in creating happy and loyal customers? Contact Bass Harbor Group today. We will prepare a detailed proposal that includes the scope of work, timeline, and costs associated with your custom customer survey project.




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