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Customer Journey Mapping

After the Bass Harbor Group Survey Team has collected, analyzed, categorized and summarized valuable information from your customers through our NPS, CSAT, CE and VoC survey, you need to act on this information. The customers have spoken, so what do you do next?


The first priority is to acknowledge to your customers who filled out the surveys that you appreciate their input and will be reviewing it, acting on it, and getting back to them with actions you will take to address their observations, suggestions and concerns.

The second priority is to conduct Customer Journey Mapping sessions (value stream mapping) which will help you to better understand your survey results by identifying how your customer service processes positively or negatively impacted the customer experience.


Bass Harbor Group will lead and facilitate this activity with your team. The team would consist of participants from the different organizations within your company who are customer-facing and are engaged at the customer touch-points. They will have an opportunity to gain a common understanding of each other’s work and the effect it has on the customer, good or not so good, as the business flows are diagrammed.

We will work with your team to determine what needs to be done to correct the issues, eliminate waste, reduce customer effort (CE) and design a customer experience that delights. It is during this phase of the process that proposed changes are mapped out that enable you to meet your goals and objectives and align your business with what your customers want.

The next step to creating satisfied and loyal customers is to contact Bass Harbor Group for a free consultation.

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