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“I recommend Guillaume, he is passionate of Customer Service and highly skilled in the domain. He develops people and organization to exceed customers expectation. He successfully drives projects and programs to transform the organization and reach higher standards.”

- Patrick Abgrall

CEO of SERIS Group

"I have had the pleasure to work with Guillaume for many years at Mettler-Toledo as a Global Service Leader. Guillaume's experience in service had led to significant growth with the European service businesses that he was responsible for. He is able to provide clear guidance and has vast experience with numerous service organizations across various industries, makes him an outstanding, knowledgable Service Leader. While working with Guilliamue at Mettler-Toledo, we had the opportunity to team up on many successful projects. His abilities to work together in a collaborative approach made him a valuable coworker and someone I always enjoyed working with."

- Len VanderHulst

Head of Service, Americas at

Eppendorf North America

"I work with Guillaume at Johnson Controls York, he is a very strategic and knowledgeable customer service Director, with clear direction leading a business unit, and obtaining growth and profitability. Guillaume has great experience in Service, he drove the European Service organisation, and took it to a higher standard."

- Gboyega Obafemi

Managing Director at Hitachi Air Conditioning Products Europe, S.A.

"I had the pleasure to work with Guillaume and I can assess his constructive and collaborative management style in a complex, multicultural, environment like JCI at the time. I could always trust Guillaume to be an advocate for continuous improvement, committing to participate and drive process changes towards better customer service and operational results."

- Claudia Pargana

Continuous Improvement I Operational Execellence

"I have had the pleasure to work with Guillaume during a good number of years when he was with us at METTLER TOLEDO. He has been instrumental in driving change in our service organizations. He was a great contributor to our service sales development initiatives as well as a driving force in our operational excellence programs, be it in the field or in back office. His strong analytical skills and his KPI-driven management style, coupled with his hands-on attitude and good leadership allowed to harmonize and optimize our business processes, develop our people and deliver sustainable sales and profit growth. Guillaume knows well how to deal with complex multi-cultural environment. He has acquired a very broad experience in service. Besides, his enthusiasm and sincere empathy make him a person you really enjoy working with."

- Marc de La Guéronniere

Head of European and American Market Organizations at Mettler-Toledo International, Inc

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