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Evaluate Customer Service Processes and Documents to Increase Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Drive Efficiency

After Bass Harbor Group has completed the first two steps shown below, the third step is to evaluate and optimize your customer service processes and documents.

1) Collected, analyzed, categorized and summarized valuable information from your customers through our NPS, CSAT, CE and VoC survey

2) Conducted Customer Journey Mapping sessions (value stream mapping) with your team


Customer service processes are not always created with the customer in mind. Many are driven by internally focused operational metrics. While process and efficiency improvements are good to do, the wrong focus can result in customer dissatisfaction and the risk that your customers will look elsewhere to do business.

Bass Harbor Group will work with your team to review and optimize customer service processes and documents. The most effective way to accomplish this is to find out how your customer service processes impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. A  customer survey will accomplish this, which Bass Harbor Group can facilitate.

The next step to optimizing your customer processes and documents to improve operational efficiency, reduce time and labor cost, increase customer satisfaction and create more loyal customers is to contact Bass Harbor Group for a free consultation.


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